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Beecroft Primary School

Extra Curricular After School Clubs

Extra curricular activities add much to the pupils' self-esteem, personal and social development and learning skills. The School Council is very effective. They take immense pride in their achievements and value the opinions of others. They feel that the school enables them to achieve their best in all aspects. Report from Ofsted RGI

School Council (Pupil Council)

A school council is elected by pupils in the school. There are 2 representatives from each class. Meetings discuss suggestions pupils make. It plans money raising events for school and charity, and has a 'voice' in school affairs.

Educational Visits And Visitors

At Beecroft we try to arrange a variety of educational visits and visitors into the school, to broaden experiences and to stimulate interest. We usually invite parents to make a voluntary contribution towards any cost. No child would be excluded from a school outing through an inability to contribute, however, plans may have to be cancelled if insufficient funding is available. Residential visits of 2 days are organised for Year 5 to Nell Bank and Year 6 to Castleton in Derbyshire. All pupils can participate. Residentials

School Clubs

Beecroft Primary School is very proud that members of staff give freely of their time to run clubs outside school lessons. These vary from time to time depending on the specialist areas and interests of individual staff. They operate at lunchtimes and after school. At present we have:

School Clubs
Recorder Clubs First Aid Club Boys & Girls Football Orchestra
Drama Club ICT Club Netball Homework Club
Arts & Crafts Club Gardening Fitness Club Rugby Club
Dance Fair Trade Club Gymnastics Newspaper Club