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Beecroft Primary School

Place2Be And Play Therapist: Mental Health Is Important

We are a MindMate Champion school.

We believe that as a school we have a vital role to play in supporting our pupils’ mental health – teaching them the skills they need to recognise and deal with their emotions, and helping those with difficulties get the support they need. We want our children to be resilient and mentally healthy, so that they can succeed.

To contribute to our whole-school approach to mental health we employ trained counsellors from Place2Be. This enables us to provide mental health support in school through one-to-one support and group counselling. Place2Be is in school two days a week.

The mental health professionals, who are integral to the school team, work closely with pupils, families and staff to improve emotional wellbeing and provide mental health support for the whole school.

Every pupil has access to our school’s mental health services, which includes a break-time and lunch time counselling service available to all pupils through self-referral.

If a child is identified as needing additional support, we are able to offer one-to-one counselling or group work sessions.

Find out more about Place2Be and the services offered in school at
Place2Be services in schools

A play therapist works with families and children one day a week for SEND pupils with social, emotional and mental health issues.