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Beecroft Primary School

Philosophy & Aims Of The School

The school seeks to enable all children to achieve high standards of work, behaviour and attitudes to others.

All Round Development

  • To create an environment in which children feel happy and secure.
  • To promote the opportunity for success and a feeling of achievement across the whole curriculum.
  • To promote an exciting and stimulating learning environment. Within this environment the school promotes the all round intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical development of the child.
  • To enable each individual to reach his/her full potential across a broad range of activities and achieve high standards in mathematics, reading and writing.


  • To develop in each individual a feeling of belonging and a desire to care for the school and its environment.
  • Children are helped to understand the world and to look after the wider environment.


  • The school aims to help children to acquire understanding, knowledge and skills that will be useful to them in adult life and to give them the confidence to apply these effectively in a variety of challenging situations.

Courtesy And Respect

  • To encourage and foster good manners and politeness towards peers, members of staff and visitors.
  • The school aims to foster an awareness and respect for moral values and for all religions.
  • To promote British values.
  • To encourage courtesy, kindness and consideration for all people, their beliefs, feelings and property and to encourage care for people in the community.

Equal Opportunities

  • Equal access to the whole curriculum is ensured for all, regardless of sex, race, religious beliefs or ability.