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Beecroft Primary School

Nursery And Educare

The nursery provides a stimulating, happy and fun environment in which children can learn and play. Activities are planned from the Foundation Stage curriculum.

We have a fully qualified nursery teacher, a nursery nurse and a classroom assistant who teach and take care of the children. In our latest Ofsted inspection (2010) we achieved "outstanding" and it was reported that "children make an excellent start in the Foundation Stage."

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all our children.

Admission to Nursery and Educare

To enrol your child for part time sessions, contact the school to visit or put your name on the waiting list. For Nursery and Educare ring 0113 2618820.

Educare Places

Educare is able to provide 10 full day places and has been registered with Ofsted since January 2007. We aim to offer families a combination of high quality education and care which may be suitable for working or studying parents. Ofsted commented in 2010 on the outstanding start we give to children. Educare provides full day access to educational activities and offers more personalised care, aiming to create a home environment. The children also have the opportunity to rest and relax in the quiet area during the day. We provide a nutritional hot lunch and emphasise healthy eating.