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Beecroft Primary School

School Library

Our new £180,000 library is at the heart of our school. All pupils borrow books. The library opening by Dr Gervase Phinn in April 2016 was a wonderful celebratory event.

Letter sent by the author Gervase Phinn

Dear Grace, Hamza, Lara, Vishua, Eesa, Ellie, Elsa, Berry, Rory, Aine, Saif, Uliana, Stan, Jasmine, Hannah, Harvey, Aimee, Jack, Andrew, Emily, Louis, Sarah, Demmie, Abdullah, Caitlin, Haiga and Ace

I hope I have included everyone. My apologies if I have left someone out.

Thank you for your delightful letters. It was such a lovely surprise on a wet and windy day in Yorkshire to receive them. Your writing is SO GOOD! It is neat, accurate and entertaining. I can honestly say that I have never received such impressive letters. Indeed on the course for teachers which I directed last week I was showing them to those who attended to see the excellent standard children can achieve.

I am pleased you enjoyed my visit. I had a memorable time with you all and was so impressed with your new library. Everyone was very warm and receptive and I loved the music.

Thank you for getting in touch and good luck with your own writing.

With best wishes
Yours sincerely
Gervase Phinn