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Beecroft Primary School

Attendance Guide For Parents - Attendance Is A Safeguarding Issue

Parents’ Responsibilities: In accepting a place at the school parents are accepting the ethos of high expectations for good attendance

Research proves that there is a very clear relationship between excellent school attendance and academic achievement. Year after year, the pupils with the best school attendance achieve the best results. We are passionate at Beecroft about providing pupils with the best possible life chances and as such, know they have to ‘be here to get there.’ Attendance at school is the law (statutory)

Start Time: 8.30am (Doors open 8.20am so pupils can come straight into the classroom for extra work and support).

Register Closes: 8.40am (The child is then absent)

Finish: 3.15pm (September 2023)

All pupils at Beecroft Primary are set an attendance target of 96% or above.

Parents, carers and families are therefore asked to ensure that their child/children are in school every day of term. Pupils arrive at 8.20 for a 8.30am start. (register closes at 8.40am)

Attendance: Attendance at school is the law.

Beecroft Primary School does not expect low or persistently low attendance (90% and below). We see persistent absence as a serious safeguarding concern. It is dealt with using our 5-point plan. This includes School Attendance Panel Meetings, with the headteacher, where we deal with the issue seriously.

Download Persistent Absence At Beecroft 5 Point Plan

  1. Book any medical appointments around the school day when possible. (Not during lessons.)
  2. Only request leave of absence in exceptional circumstances and do so a month in advance. (Not holidays/extended leave in term time – These must stop and parents taking these will be fined.) All leave/holidays will NOT be authorised.
  3. Notify the school office as soon as possible if their child has to be unexpectedly absent (e.g. sickness)

Number 1 and 2 can be improved upon by some of our parents, as leave for reasons other than illness is unacceptable. (At 20 days a child loses their place)

Pupils’ attendance is monitored against our Traffic Light Group system:

Green 100% - 96% + It is important to celebrate pupils achievement of 100% attendance. They will receive half termly certificates/ end of year medals and entry into prize draws Pupils in this group have excellent attendance.
Yellow 95% and below Pupils in this group are having too many days off and will need to work on their attendance. Their attendance will be monitored by the class teacher to avoid it dropping further along with phone calls from the attendance officer
Amber 91% Pupils in this group are becoming a serious concern. They will receive a home visit. Parents will be invited in for a SAP meeting with the head to establish a way forward with improving your child’s attendance
Red 90% and below These pupils are a serious concern. This is classed as persistently absent. There will be a SAP meeting held in school with the Head/ Deputy/ attendance officer. If attendance does not improve the case will be passed on to Leeds City Council Education Wellfare Officer which may result in:
- A penalty charge notice
- A prosecution in either the Family or Magistrates Court.
- Loss of your child’s place at Beecroft

Parent Attendance Process:

If a child is sick/ill telephone the school 0113 2618820 on the first day of absence before 9.00 am and provide a reason.

  • If we do not receive communication, a parent will receive a phone call home from our Attendance Officer Mrs Craven.
  • A home visit may be made depending on the child’s attendance record and the nature of the absence.
  • On returning to school parents must take responsibility to help the child catch up on work missed.

Home visits will be conducted by the Attendance Officer (Mrs Craven) and the Head/Deputy if a pupil’s attendance is of concern. The purpose of making home visits is to have a conversation with families about their young person’s attendance, complete a safeguarding check and offer support where applicable.

Persistent Absence 5 Point Plan

Parents are invited into school to discuss attendance at 91% and 90% and below (Persistent absence). The discussion is to set targets for improvement and to ensure that things will improve quickly. Any barriers to good attendance are discussed. A parent contract will result.

Extended Leave and holidays in term time are not approved and this is often the cause of low attendance at Beecroft. (Visiting family in other countries is not an exceptional circumstance) 20 days leave will result in the child losing their place in school.

Please be aware that Beecroft Primary works closely with Leeds City Council and will transfer any cases of persistently poor attendance for possible prosecution in either the Family or Magistrates Court

The table below shows the importance of attendance to your child:

Beecroft Primary School Attendance

Beecroft Attendance Policy

Download Beecroft Attendance Policy